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Turning Images into Embroidery-Ready Files

Embroidery digitizing is the art of interpreting an image or logo & converting it into a machine-ready embroidery file. If you hand a piece of paper to 5 people and tell them to draw the Sun, you’re likely going to get 5 different outcomes. Embroidery digitizing is similar, as there are countless ways to interpret any image using different strategies, techniques, stitch types and settings.

The short form you fill out on this website will provide crucial information to ensure your file is dedicated to your specific needs. For example, a file will need to be digitized differently if it’s being sewn on a winter hat than it would on a dress shirt. Similarly, a file meant for a baseball hat will require different techniques to ensure cleanliness and higher quality than if it were being sewn on a sweatshirt. As long as the form includes the relevant information, you won’t have to worry about it!

Once your submission is received, it will be carefully reviewed. All factors in play will be considered and a free quote will be sent to your email based on the information provided. If the quote is accepted and paid, you will then receive your file(s) as soon as they’re ready!

My Process
Michael Desveaux, the owner of Thread the Gnar
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Behind the Stitches

Professional Designs, Created with Passion

Embroidery was something I was thrown into out of necessity while working at my first print shop years ago. I didn’t have a single idea of what I was doing, but I quickly grasped it and fell in love with it. Since then, embroidery & digitizing has grown into an absolute passion.

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How I Can Help

Who I Work With

I help customers of all shapes and sizes! Whether you’re a full-scale embroidery shop, an established business, an embroidery hobbyist or you simply need a file for your annual golf trip with your friends, you’ll receive the same quality and dedication across the board.

Let's Work Together
  • Embroidery Businesses

    I happily service multiple embroidery businesses throughout the United States. I’m always open to adding more shops to the list!

  • Solo Hobbyists

    Do you have a hobbyist machine at home? Want to get your own images and art onto some of your own clothing? Outsourcing your designs is a simple and inexpensive way to get professional looking embroidery without the headaches!

  • Teams and Clubs

    Stand out from the rest with high quality files to throw onto your team’s apparel. Hats, sweatshirts, blankets, tote bags, you name it. Each file is carefully crafted to fit & run properly on whatever you might need!

  • Big Brands

    From universities to breweries, podcasts to charity foundations, plenty of big brands are using Thread the Gnar files for their official merchandise & apparel!

My Process

How It Works

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    Submit Details

    Fill out the simple form & include as much information about your project as possible! This is crucial, as every file will be carefully digitized for your specific needs.

  • 02

    Quote & Invoice

    Your submission will be carefully reviewed. A quote and/or invoice will be created based on the complexity of your order.

  • 03

    Receive Your Files

    Once your order is paid for, you will receive the proper files. These files will include your machine file(s) & a digital .PDF with important embroidery information.

  • 04

    Continued Support

    The line of communication is always open. If you need adjustments, updates or resizing all you have to do is ask. Most of these can be done quickly at no extra cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to some common questions. If you still have something you are unsure about or want to know more about, please reach out through the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

  • 1. What’s with the submission form? Can’t I just send you my logo alone?

    The submission form is the most important part of the whole process. Sure, anyone with digitizing software can take your image and run it through an auto-digitize tool and call it done. But you’ll be left with a mess of a file that disregards everything about your project. The submission form allows me to gather all the relevant information about your order. The details you provide will allow me to carefully craft your file according to your exact needs. If you need a logo on a baseball hat, there are some important and specific steps to be taken to ensure the file runs properly and turns out a clean result. Similarly, a file meant for a bushy fleece will need some hefty under-the-hood settings compared to a tight, firm dress shirt. If you provide as much information as possible, you can expect to receive a more tailored file that will run properly, clean and efficiently on your machine!

  • 2. What if I need my logo on hats AND flats?

    No problem! Just make sure you select the relevant options on the submission form. I’m happy to provide multiple files of the same logo, conveniently named for easy differentiation. Most times, this will not result in any extra cost to you.

  • 3. What do I do if I need something in my file adjusted, or I need to change the size?

    You can always reach out via email. My job does not end as soon as I send you your file. Most adjustments and resizes are free of charge and can be done quickly. The only time you can expect a new invoice is if, for example, you want a hat file scaled up to fit on a full back. In this case, certain parts of the file (if not all) will need to be completely re-digitized.

  • 4. How much does it cost?

    Every single logo & project is different and unique. Some orders are going to require much more time than others, so that’s why this is a quote-based system rather than a blanket-price system. You can expect an average order to cost between $18 - $35, with more complex images & logos increasing in price from there. Most minor adjustments, edits & resizes are completely free, so don’t be afraid to ask! Outsourcing your digitizing to a professional is inexpensive, fast and may save you from some major headaches.

  • 5. I found someone who will do my logo for $5. Why not use them?

    Have you ever heard of the saying, “you get what you pay for”? This is extremely prevalent in the embroidery & digitizing industry. I’ve lost count of how many times a customer has come to me with a $5 digitized logo asking why it didn’t come out right. Here are some of the glaring issues you might face when trying to find a digitizer online:

    • Blatant scammers who will take your money up front and disappear
    • Lazy scammers who will take your money, advertise “instant turnaround,” run your logo through an auto-digitize tool, and send you back an awful file with no regard for your project
    • Digitizers who will send you back a file and cut communication. Hopefully the file is perfect, because they give you no option to adjust or resize it.

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