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Michael Desveaux

About Me

Born & raised in Maine, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Southern Maine. After working at/on a local radio station as well as a print shop for a few years, I left the radio station to work full time as an embroiderer. Since then, I’ve worked at embroidery shops in Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont.

Each step in my career has provided me with new skills and perspectives that I carry with me today. Early on, I noticed how many logos were being outsourced to different digitizers and wondered “why not me?”. For the past decade I’ve been mastering the art of embroidery digitizing while striving to become better every day.

What started as nothing more than a digital portfolio on Instagram has turned into a legitimate passion and business. I love embroidery and I love helping others achieve higher quality embroidery with my digitizing and expertise. This passion for my work led Thread the Gnar to be founded on two main principles:

  • High-Quality Work

    I strive for the best in all I create, never using auto-digitizing tools.

  • Exceptional Support

    I am committed to being involved in my client's success, even when the project is completed.

Lets Work Together

Professional Designs, Created with Passion

Embroidery was something I was thrown into out of necessity while working at my first print shop years ago. I didn’t have a single idea of what I was doing, but I quickly grasped it and fell in love with it. Since then, embroidery & digitizing has grown into an absolute passion.

  • Crafted By Hand

    You’ll never receive an auto-digitized file from me. Every order is carefully digitized by hand to ensure the best possible results.

  • Exceptional Aftercare

    My line of communication is always open. Whether you want an edit to a file, or general embroidery advice, I’m always willing to help bring your project to life.

  • Pricing That Makes Sense

    A blanket price system sounds easy and convenient, but doesn’t necessarily work here. I don’t want my customers paying any more money than what makes sense. My pricing system is designed to be fair for you AND me!

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Made in Maine, USA
My Process

How It Works

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    Submit Details

    Fill out the simple form & include as much information about your project as possible! This is crucial, as every file will be carefully digitized for your specific needs.

  • 02

    Quote & Invoice

    Your submission will be carefully reviewed. A quote and/or invoice will be created based on the complexity of your order.

  • 03

    Receive Your Files

    Once your order is paid for, you will receive the proper files. These files will include your machine file(s) & a digital .PDF with important embroidery information.

  • 04

    Continued Support

    The line of communication is always open. If you need adjustments, updates or resizing all you have to do is ask. Most of these can be done quickly at no extra cost.

Contact Me

Get in Touch

I'm dedicated to crafting captivating designs that leave a lasting impression. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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